Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ May Be Split Into “Commercial” & “Experimental” Volumes

Oct 30th, 2012 // 5 Comments
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Lady Gaga is one of the most ambitious pop stars of the decade, and yet it sounds like her next album ARTPOP will be a spectacle even by her standards. In recent months she has been busy writing and recording the album and designing an accompanying app for a “multimedia experience,” but based on her chat with fans on, the app is just the beginning. Gaga wants to split the genre-hopping ARTPOP into a radio-friendly volume and an experimental volume, released six months apart. Read on to see all the details she revealed in the chat.

Mother Monster explained she was “sort of thinking that VOL.1 should have all the commercials songs, and then save the experimental meterial. but to be honest even the experimental stuff is catchy.VOL.1 is a bit more modern.” Gaga also gave some clues as to the fate of “Princess Die”: “I don’t think Princess Die will make the cut, but I wrote another version of princess die that is uptempo…totally diffrent song. Princess Die isn’t as good as all the other songs I wrote.”

The singer also spoke about her growing infatuation with hip-hop (this year she has released a trap rap and collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Azealia Banks): “[One song] is a hip-hop/j-pop/pop song. And it’s not hip-hop in the way you know, it’s more underground chicago gay club trap and it’s very diffrent from Azealia Banks music because she’s more 90′s house.”

Underground hip-hop, J-pop, experimental music, a “Telephone” sequel…apparently this album will have everything but jazz. But that’s probably because she’s dedicating an entirely separate album to that genre, too.

[via Gaga Daily]


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