PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Goes ‘Glee’: Watch As Pop Culture Folds In On Itself

PSY‘s “Gangnam Style,” the music sensation that just won’t quit, has already brought with it: a new dance, pop political parody videos, an SNL sketch and the year’s most popular Halloween costume. Aside from total global domination what else is left? You guessed it, Glee. In an upcoming episode, the viral hit will get the Ryan Murphy treatment. Above, catch a behind-the-scenes look.

Just what totally organic way will Glee work the Korean song into the show? We imagine Mr. Schu tells the kids they need to expand their musical horizons if they’re going to win Sectionals. He makes them listen to music from France (M83 and David Guetta), Sweden (Robyn) and even Canada (Carly Rae Jepsen). The kids tell Mr. Schu they already know how to think globally when it comes to tunes, and school him in the ways of K-pop with “Gangnam Style.” Annnnd scene.

Are you excited to see Glee pay tribute to PSY?

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