Chris Brown’s Mother Defends Breezy’s Offensive Halloween Costume

In his ongoing quest to become this generation’s most prolific celebri-troll, Chris Brown attended Rihanna‘s Halloween party dressed as a stereotypical terrorist. After the requisite exasperated-but-exhausted reactions rolled in online (ours included), Breezy’s mom has stepped in to defend him, proving he’s the kind of guy only a mother could love. Click through to see what she tweeted.

Welp, it’s better than her son’s established stance of “fuck yo’ opinions.” She continued:

Cagey move, that: it’s hard to criticize a tweet when it contains a Hurricane Sandy relief non sequitur.

[via MTV]

  • Muffy

    She’s right. Get a god damn life! Chris Brown is living his life while you people continue to have a problem with every little thing he does. It’s Halloween! People dress up for Halloween. If it were anyone else you would not care. You are the troll.