Nicki Minaj’s ‘My Truth’: Watch The Full Premiere Episode

Nicki Minaj 'My Truth' Premiere Episode
Her Truth
Nicki Minaj‘s new three-part E! reality series My Truth has been touted as an inside look at the superstar rapstress’ lifestyle — and indeed, the debut episode, now streaming live, doesn’t disappoint in terms of revealing what it’s like to spend a day as Nicki. In the episode, Minaj hits the studio to a record a track, selects an outfit for her first day of American Idol, arrives to appear on The View, speaks in a fake British accent and promotes her new fragrance. She also presents as a neurotic, endlessly self-deprecating control freak. No wonder she and Mariah Carey butted heads.

Ultimately, though, as much as she seems tightly wound and curt, it’s sorta touching the way she lights up when she sees her fans — and when she describes herself as “a psychopath with good intentions,” at least it proves she’s self-aware. Watch the premiere above.

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  • Ms Old Black Lady

    After watching about 6 minutes of this BS…I have come to the conclusion that her back up singers sound better than her. Also…the lyrics she call herself spitting sound like some little kid from the hood would write trying out for his first solo rap experience. No wonder folks, especially black women, have written her off…I haven’t bought any of music, nor do I intend to. She lacks talent, finesse, and looks totally fake, put together, like someone took a doll out a box and just put anything on it!’ This child should get a life, a real job and find the Lord!


    Love Nicki!!! Haters stay mad

  • lovenickii

    @Ms Old Black Lady

    come back when you’re one of the worlds top selling artists with thousands of fans, THEN you can say that :)

  • shaa

    Love Nicki — Great Entertainer- Artist – Rapper- Model – Messenger – performer – actress !!!!!! Nicki knows her stuff !!!!