Nicki Minaj’s “Freedom”: Hear Her New ‘Re-Up’ Single

We’re having trouble keeping track of all of Nicki Minaj‘s singles — in the last few weeks alone, she’s dropped videos for “The Boys,” “Va Va Voom” and “Come on a Cone”? — but now a new entrant has joined the fray: A track called “Freedom,” taken from the rapstress’ upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up album. In her E! reality series My Truth, viewers saw Minaj laying down the vocal for the song in a Malibu studio — and now “Freedom” has been released in full. So does it live up to her precociously high standards?

“Freedom” takes Minaj in a more reflective direction, as she looks back on her meteoric career in typically self-aggrandizing form: “They never thank me for opening doors/But they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross.” As for her upcoming stint on American Idol, she keeps it simple, rapping, “I’m your Idol, I’m your Idol, I’m your motherfuckin’ idol.” But even if the verses aren’t particularly inspiring, there’s definitely some magic in the chorus, which is a smooth, ambient riff that makes Minaj’s thin vocals sound appealingly fragile, with that “Crazy in here” hook that’s bound to get stuck in a few heads.

Listen to the full song below.

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  • danny

    What is a re-up anyways? I get the pink friday thing….trying to beat it in our heads, thanks, but… what’s a re-up? If it’s a bunch of new songs why keep going pink? And looking the same (like a man). It’s either going to make her or break her. This song is so boring and I feel like I heard the music and tone before on Roman Reloaded.

  • Jay

    I like it. It’s a nice departure from “Starships,” “Pound the Alarm,” “Beez in the Trap” and the rest of the songs she released off of “Roman Reloaded.”
    It brings to mind a few of the songs on “Pink Friday” like “I’m The Best” and “Blazin.” I don’t think it will be a massive hit, but I think it would sway people who still think she’s a joke. People make such a big deal about her, but I feel like they just don’t understand her. I feel like a lot of people just keep expecting her to release only “Super Bass” or “Starships” like songs, but that’s not all that there is to her.