Jay-Z And Beyonce (And Bey’s New Bangs) Watch The Nets

Nov 5th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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When you’re the co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, you certainly aren’t going to miss the team’s inaugural game at Barclays Center. That’s why Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting courtside on Saturday night (November 3) to watch Hova’s team take on the Toronto Raptors. Sure, we could go on about the details of the game (which resulted in a win for the Nets, 107-100), but, really, who could pay attention to sports when the bigger event of the night was taking place: Beyonce got new bangs! Check out Bey in her Tibi-designed ensemble showing off her new ‘do as the lovebirds take in the game.


  1. JCcole

    WTF is she wearing? Old curtains?

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