Ke$ha Performs “Die Young” Live On ‘The X Factor’ Australia

If you haven’t been paying attention to Ke$ha‘s media tour down under, you’ve been sorely missing out: Yesterday, the trash-pop queen told an Australian radio show that she gave Miley Cyrus an already-licked lollipop covered in hair weave for her birthday, and last night, she took to the stage of The X Factor to perform her latest single “Die Young” in typically theatrical form.

Continuing with the Warrior theme that seems to be defining her current musical era, K$ made fine use of tribal drummers, a host of backup dancers, a glammed-out costume and her not-inconsiderable stage presence, delivering a show-stopping live rendition of the song. In a nod to the Illuminati conspiracy rumors that plague many pop stars, Ke$ha also centered the visuals around a creepy all-seeing eye pyramid — because, well, it’s Ke$ha, and why not. Watch her performance up top.