Ke$ha Performs “Die Young” Live On ‘The X Factor’ Australia

Ke$ha "Die Young" X Factor Australia
Die Young, Mate
If you haven’t been paying attention to Ke$ha‘s media tour down under, you’ve been sorely missing out: Yesterday, the trash-pop queen told an Australian radio show that she gave Miley Cyrus an already-licked lollipop covered in hair weave for her birthday, and last night, she took to the stage of The X Factor to perform her latest single “Die Young” in typically theatrical form.

Continuing with the Warrior theme that seems to be defining her current musical era, K$ made fine use of tribal drummers, a host of backup dancers, a glammed-out costume and her not-inconsiderable stage presence, delivering a show-stopping live rendition of the song. In a nod to the Illuminati conspiracy rumors that plague many pop stars, Ke$ha also centered the visuals around a creepy all-seeing eye pyramid — because, well, it’s Ke$ha, and why not. Watch her performance up top.

  • Illuminati


  • slowy

    and people still say illuminati doesnt exist, they are mocking around in your face and your taking it as a joke. another illuminati whore great that is exactly what we need, i am not even suprised she sold her soul to the devil she cant sing the poor thing….

  • Matt Arntz

    Just becuse someone use somone uses Graphics in a Theatrical perforance does not mean they worshp the devil don’t know what religion your from but your very confused. Go to church learn something and study bfore you oen your mouth.