See Rihanna’s Barbados Tourism Campaign — At Least We Think That’s Rihanna

Nov 6th, 2012 // Comment
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While other pop stars were busy tweeting to get the vote out, Rihanna was using social media this past weekend to show off her  promo pics. In August, we caught RiRi on the beach of her native Barbados posing for the country’s tourism campaign and at long last the finished product has been unveiled. The images are beautiful with enticing (though trite) slogans like “Adventure Is Discovered” and “The End Of The Road Is Just The Beginning,” but none of the photos use the Unapologetic siren’s full face — or even her face at all. Which begs the question: why have Rihanna as the official face of Barbados if you aren’t going to use her actual face?!


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