‘The Voice’: Trevin Hunte Impresses With “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”

With a day off from The Voice on Tuesday, each coach used their time wisely. Blake Shelton negotiated a contract clause that requires Carson Daly to address him as “Entertainer of the Year” or “Mr. Entertainer of the Year” at least five times in a show. Adam Levine bleached his white t-shirts and shopped online for leather jackets. Christina Aguilera had her team over to her house to watch the elect…wait what’s that? Sorry, it appears that, despite her red, white and blue hair, Christina and her crew passed on politics, and instead hung at her house on Tuesday to listen to her new album. So worldly. In the most productive use of a down day, Cee Lo wove himself into a patriotic hacky sack costume, which he then wore to Wednesday’s show. Head-to-toe macrame doesn’t typically flatter every figure, but we’ll give him points for DIY.

Anyway, Team Cee Lo and Team Xtina were up on Wednesday evening. After a rough performance of “Sing” by My Chemical Romance, the contestants took the stage in the hopes of advancing to the Top 12.

Team Christina: Adrianna Louise Before getting on stage to perform Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Adrianna says “I’m going to ignite the light and let it shine.” America collectively rolls its eyes. It never occurs to us how difficult “Firework” is until Adriana sings it, but unfortunately, we hear her strain with every note. It gets better as it goes along, but at this point in the competition, you just can’t be shaky for half of the performance. The coaches give some lukewarm praise, and we move on to Cee Lo’s first offering.

Team Cee Lo: Cody Belew Cee Lo has Cody take his tempo down a bit with George Michael’s “One More Try.” It’s a good thing, too: until this performance, we hadn’t quite seen what Cody could offer. He delivers, and Adam is mesmerized the whole time. An overjoyed Cee Lo — or as Cody calls him “Papa Bear” — tells Cody, “You blew me away.” On this, we agree with the star spangled hacky sack.

Team Christina: De’Borah One of the many things that makes De’Borah so likable is that she’s still in awe that the Christina Aguilera is giving her singing tips during rehearsals. It’s kind of Christina’s job, and by “kind of,” we mean it is her job. After an incredibly forced Chicago Fire (up next!) NBC cross-promotion, De’Borah takes the stage to perform Pink’s “Who Knew.” Her onstage charisma is undeniable, and she does not lose her breath despite running more miles back and forth across the stage in one song than we will (collectively) all week. The song doesn’t bring out her best vocal performance, but her swagger like Jagger scores major points. “No one works the stage like De’Borah does it,” says Coach Aguilera.

Team Cee Lo: Diego Val Is it us, or is it weird that Diego Val is still in this thing? He’s been solidly mediocre during each round, and yet keeps advancing as though he’s Cee Lo’s golden boy. That status may have actually worn off after this lackluster performance of Enrique Iglesias‘ “Bailamos.” Christina and Adam agree that he didn’t give it enough passion and effort, and Blake, in another brilliant observation of cultures that speak other languages, says, “I didn’t know what you were saying anyways,” and talks about his lack of socks. While the judges agree that he’s “cool,” not even Coach Cee Lo appeals to America for this vote.

Team Cee Lo: MacKenzie Bourg MacKenzie goes acoustic with One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” which feels very reminiscent of when he went acoustic on Carly Rae Jepsen last week. Although we applaud him for making our guilty pleasures slightly less guilty, the performance lacks a wow moment. As Adam notes, “You’re freakin’ adorable.” So Mac might just have another chance to impress us next week.

Team Christina: Devyn Deloera Christina wants America to see Devyn’s softer side, so she selects Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love.” Devyn starts soft, but tries to bring in her signature powerhouse in the end. The results are…fine. Cee Lo says, “I know you’re a better performer than this performance would suggest,” but Christina balances it with “I think you did an amazing job.” Again, it’s fine. It’s just doubtful that it’s Top 12 fine.

Team Cee Lo: Nicholas David Attention Victoria’s Secret models everywhere: Nicholas David’s performance of Barry White’s “Your The First, The Last, My Everything” has Adam Levine in a “baby-making” mood. You’ve been warned. Cee Lo’s ginger-bearded soul singer takes on the classic, and even though he admits “I don’t understand the whole ‘swagger’ thing,” he makes the crowd go nuts. Blake tells him, “You’re not supposed to look like that and sound like that,” but we can’t get enough of his sound. He’s done Coach Cee Lo proud, with or without that elusive swagger.

Team Christina – Sylvia Yacoub: Sylvia Yacoub performs the second Katy Perry jam of the night — this time it’s “The One that Got Away.” She gets behind the piano, slows it down, and wins us over. Sylvia earns a ton of praise from the coaches, including Cee Lo’s LL Cool J nod (“You’re doin it and doin it and doin it well,”), and Christina’s impression of a drunk girl at a party (“I get you. I just get you!”). However they express it, it’s clear that all four see her advancing to the next round, and we have to agree.

Team Christina: Dez Duron Oh, Dez. You’re so pretty, even when you’re resentful. Christina’s token dude is clearly none-too-pleased about performing a country song, but Xtina’s probably none-too-pleased about dating a production assistant: you play the cards you’re dealt. Dez sucks it up and puts his own twist on “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, and we must admit, it’s almost as pretty as Dez. It’s not a mind-blowing performance, but it’s solid, and combined with his looks, will likely draw a good number of hormonal votes. In fact, when Christina applauds Dez and tells him “you nailed it,” we half expect for her to follow it up with “nail me next.”

Team Cee Lo: Trevin Hunte Trevin Hunte’s newfound confidence is starting to manifest itself physically. He’s been hitting the gym, he’s lost a few pounds and, most importantly: he’s lost his undersized hat! Trevin performs “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” And even though it’s the same Michael Bolton (by way of Laura Branigan) song that Zack Attack performed when Zack and Kelly broke up at the prom (early ’90s throwback tear!), we love it. His soulful performance earns a standing ovation from Adam and Blake, the latter of whom says, “Every time you get on the stage you move me.” Trevine has given better performances, but he’s a clear winner tonight as far as we’re concerned.

The results will be in tonight. Who were your favorites? Let us know below!