Lana Del Rey’s “Bel Air” Video: Watch The Smoky Clip

Nov 8th, 2012 // Comment
Lana Del Rey "Bel Air" Video
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Lana Del Rey didn’t complicate things in the video for her new Born To Die: Paradise Edition track “Bel Air.” A far cry from the high-concept Americana lushness of “Ride,” the “Bel Air” clip is just Del Rey twirling in plumes of smoke, saturated with alternating hues. Certainly, we would have welcomed something more ambitious as a visual accompaniment, but we weren’t expecting a video in the first place, so even four minutes of Del Rey’s porcelain visage is enough.

Maybe it’s fitting that “Bel Air” is basically a lyric video without lyrics, since the song — which is a slight, twinkly number with raspily crooned vocals from Del Rey — is more about creating a mood than that fans can sing along. Watch the video up top.

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