Rihanna’s 7 Best Videos: Shut Up And Watch

“Shut Up and Drive” (2007): Yes, the Good Girl Gone Bad era gave Rihanna her second and third #1 hits,   “Umbrella” and “Take a Bow,” but both of those videos were, well, kind of pedestrian. Proving that sometimes the lower-charting songs are more interesting than the hits, “Shut Up and Drive” features a hot-pants-wearing RiRi in a wacky chop-shop in Prague, getting all Grease-y on a gold-plated Ford Sierra with a colorful troupe of backup dolls. Pure class!

  • Justin

    I usually whole heartedly agree with Idolator’s “top lists”, but not including “umbrella” on a list of rihanna’s best music videos is criminal. i mean, “shut up and drive” over “umbrella”? what were you thinking. I think the list needs an adjustment.

  • Laura Lorenzo

    And how come You Da One is before Russian Roulette? That’s nonsense! You Da One is the worst of her videos!!! What about Man Down or What’s My Name…?? O.o

  • E.

    S&M is one of my favorites