Rihanna’s 7 Best Videos: Shut Up And Watch

“We Found Love” (2011): Again teaming with Matsoukas, Rihanna delivered an arresting performance as a young woman caught in a heady whirlwind of sex, drugs and anti-social mischief with her hunky video beau, dreamboat boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy. With more than a nod to the movie Trainspotting, this clip was named MTV’s Video of the Year, but was deemed by many to be a dangerous influence on young viewers. Probably because of that scene with the shopping cart — those things are deadly.

  • Justin

    I usually whole heartedly agree with Idolator’s “top lists”, but not including “umbrella” on a list of rihanna’s best music videos is criminal. i mean, “shut up and drive” over “umbrella”? what were you thinking. I think the list needs an adjustment.

  • Laura Lorenzo

    And how come You Da One is before Russian Roulette? That’s nonsense! You Da One is the worst of her videos!!! What about Man Down or What’s My Name…?? O.o

  • E.

    S&M is one of my favorites