Nicki Minaj’s ‘My Truth’: Watch The Full Second Episode

Nicki Minaj‘s E! reality series My Truth returned last night, and the second episode was an improvement over the first. Whereas last week, her diva antics went overboard, this week Minaj appeared more grounded and, accordingly, more likable. She even addressed the drama with Mariah Carey, and made some fairly reasonable points.

She also did a lot of other stuff, like shooting a low-budget green-screen guest spot for Alicia Keys“Girl On Fire” video, worrying about whether her vocals are powerful enough to carry her Roman Reloaded ballad “Marilyn Monroe” and getting an ego boost from former Lady Gaga creative director Laurieann Gibson, who provided valuable emotional support during a tense stripper-pole sequence. It’s everything you’d expect from My Truth and more. Watch the full episode up top.