‘The Voice’: No Saves Left For The Final 12

In yet another Season 3 twist on The Voice, there is no longer a rule guaranteeing each coach a contestant in the finals. Starting now, America can vote anyone off — no saves or exceptions…unless, of course, they roll out another rule change. Could this mean that Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton or Adam Levine might find themselves in their oversized red chairs without a team to coach within a couple of weeks?

You know it!  Get ready…this could get deliciously awkward. With no saves and no chance for X Factor-esque callbacks, it’s time for the final 12 to take the stage.

Team Blake — Michaela Paige Michaela Paige slicks down her signature mohawk, dons a mini-hat (perhaps borrowed from Christina’s Season 2 wardrobe) and wails out Pink‘s “(Blow Me) One Last Kiss.” We’re consistently surprised that such a powerhouse voice belongs to a 16-year-old. She’s got the energy to jump around stage without losing her breath, and owns the crowd like a pro. She’s totally assured up there, and knows exactly who she is as a performer. The performance garnered high praise from Christina — “You’ve become one of my favorites in this competition” — and you know she just hates giving compliments to any non-Team Xtina members.

Team Christina — Dez Duron Oh Dez, you are still so pretty, and Christina still has a crush on you. “I like everything you’re doing, Dez” she coos in rehearsals, which suggests that he might not be receiving the best constructive criticism from his coach. To his credit, Dez picks a song that makes the ladies swoon for more than just his looks. His rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Lauryn Hill (or Frankie Valli — depending on which coach you’re asking) — is smooth and jazzy, and the best we’ve heard from Dez thus far. Christina sings along throughout, and Cee Lo gushes, “I thought that performance was impeccable…you’ve got so much natural sex appeal.” No argument there.

Team Christina — Adrianna Louise Adrianna goes a little bit country — and a lot sex pot — with her performance of Carrie Underwood‘s “Good Girls.” It’s not her best. Adrianna puts a lot of focus on sexing up the stage, but overall she is shaky, pitchy and hard to watch. At the end of her song, she gets up in Adam’s face coyly (honey, he doesn’t have a save for you), and it’s uncomfortable for everyone subjected to the sight. No one has anything terribly positive to say, and even Christina just pleads with America to vote for Adrianna because, “It’s really hard, you guys!”

Team Cee Lo — Cody Belew Cody gets more likable every week. He performs Tina Turner‘s “The Best,” and does it while wearing what appears to be a woman’s pantsuit. But you know what? He owns it. He works the crowd, his voice is strong, and he shoulder-shimmies his way into our hearts. You can tell the performance is good because Christina delivers a backhanded compliment to divert the attention back to her team. Cee Lo puts it best when he tells Cody, “You remind us that this is still fun.”

Team Adam — Amanda Brown Not to get all “Glory Days,” but remember last week when Amanda Brown performed Aerosmith‘s “Dream On” and it was the best performance we’ve seen on The Voice ever? Yeah — that doesn’t happen with her take of Florence + The Machine‘s “Spectrum.” Some genius decided that the typically energetic performer should be constrained to a small platform, and the whole thing feels hesitant, a bit flat and uninspired. Amanda’s future on the show will likely come down to whether the electricity from last week overshadows this week’s bummer. Adam still believes that she could be a frontrunner to win, but her advancement to the next round is in jeopardy.

Team Adam — Bryan Keith Bryan, so help us, if you don’t take off that damn fedora next week, we’re going to have to drop in Mission Impossible-style when you’re on stage next week and remove it ourselves. And you probably will be on stage next week, because headwear aside, your performance is flawless. Bryan does Amy Winehouse‘s “Back to Black,” and his Sinatra-with-a-rasp is a crowd-pleaser. Adam notes, “You had that breakout thing just happen,” and we can’t help but agree. But seriously, dude, even if you’ve got a massive bald spot, it’s time to share it with the world.

Team Blake — Cassadee Pope Before Cassadee performs Kelly Clarkson‘s “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” she all but jumps for joy when she hits a high note during rehearsals. This does not inspire too much confidence. We find ourselves on bated breath when she approaches the high notes in her actual performance, but thankfully, she nails them. The only thing we’ll call her on is that she wears her guitar like an accessory, which won’t win anyone over. Oh, except Cee Lo, who praises her, saying “Hot chicks with guitars. I’m in heaven.”

Team Cee Lo — Trevin Hunt After last week’s show, we were confident we hit our maximum love threshold with Trevin. Then he goes and sings “When A Man Loves a Woman” — and dedicates it to HIS MOTHER, and our stone cold hearts just melt. Only this guy could pull off sing Michael Bolton for his mom without seeming disingenuous or cheesy. Trevin reveals that his Queens-based mother has suffered a great deal of loss after Hurricane Sandy, so this performance is particularly emotional and earns him a standing ovation from all four coaches. Cee Lo tells him, “I believe that you are an angel of some sort.”  We believe that Trevin must advance to the next round.

Team Adam — Melanie Martinez Before Melanie’s performance, she answers the question that has been on all of our minds since she first sheepishly sauntered on the stage of The Voice: why is your hair that way? Now that we have the answer (“I actually got inspired by Cruella De Vil”), any intrigue that once surrounded the contestant is gone. We said it last week and shall repeat again: her performances aren’t blowing anyone out of the water. She gives us Young the Giant‘s “Cough Syrup” this week, and it’s fine — better than last week — but doesn’t quite elevate her from quirky coffee shop singer to chart-topping material.

Team Cee Lo — Nicholas David We have a growing affection for Cee Lo’s ginger-bearded team member, who graciously rolls with any advice that the star throws his way. Though Nicholas wants to go bluesy piano on “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis, he takes Cee Lo’s advice and performs it big. Like, “full horn section, Vegas staircase entrance and massive lighting effects” big. Even amongst trumpets and visual effects, his voice is paramount, earning him compliments from all of the judges. Cee Lo even starts rambling off inspirational quotes (starting with “There’s no greater success than the realization of self,” and spiraling from there). Luckily, master time-keeper Carson Daly is there to cut him off before he starts quoting Tony Robbins, but you get the drift: Nicholas done good.

Team Christina — Sylvia Yacoub Someone must have had a talk with Sylvia about playing a sympathy card to get America on her team. Break out the tissues: Sylvia had vocal nodules once, which inspired her to perform Celine Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On” in remembrance of her own triumph over the malady. Or something. Anyway — the Titanic song choice is ill-advised, Christina’s tip to go “more Beyonce-ish” is ill-advised and even though it’s technically fine, it’s just so cheesy. She’s still the best performer on Team Christina, but she’s got to watch it with the song choice. America’s voting can sink her faster than, well, you know.

Team Blake — Terry McDermott Alert the presses: Terry McDermott is performing a classic rock song.  This time, he takes on another crowd-pleaser with Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” There is no denying his talent — we like Terry, and he’ll likely soar on to the next round. But when he does, we just ask for a twist. Maybe even something originating from, say, the ’90s. Terry’s got a genre-transcending voice, and we want to hear it do just that.

Results will be in tonight, when we’re guessing the contestants will be forced to suffer through the anxiety of hearing, “The next performer who America saved is…going to be revealed after another commercial for Revolution.”

Who had your vote after Monday’s performances? Let us know below!