One Direction Poll: You Voted, And The Hottest Member Is…

Nov 13th, 2012 // 37 Comments

With One Direction‘s sophomore album Take Me Home debuting today — not to mention the guys’ announcement that they’ll be coming to a theater near us in 3D — it was easy to get distracted from the real question at hand: who is the hottest member? Last week we set out to settle the debate once and for all by having Directioners cast theirvotes in our 1D poll. Well the ballots are in and it’s official, the Hottest One Direction fella is…
Zayn Malik!

Yes, with more than double the scores of his bandmates, Zayn has proven to be the easiest on the eyes — at least in the eyes of Directioners.

See the breakdown of votes below:

Zayn Malik: 45%

Harry Styles: 18%

Liam Payne: 15%

Louis Tomlinson 15%

Niall Horan 7%

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  1. jamie
    Commented on this photo:

    I love Harry

  2. Luna

    No Louis is!!!

  3. Mary Ann

    Zayn is adorable, but I love me some Harry.

  4. Joanne
    Commented on this photo:

    Id love him!

  5. Jenna


  6. Justine

    @Jenna omg i love louis

  7. 1D_Luver


  8. Just a girl

    I prefer Harry, but they’re all attractive and Niall seems like a real sweetheart!

    Gotta say, it’s kind of scary how obsessed some chicks are with them though..Seeing as how the members have dated fans, I think the overly obsessed, possessive, crying/screaming ones ruin their chances lmfao.


  10. HOW CAN HE GET ONLY 7%????

  11. Alex Morrey

    Really??? 7%!!! Niall isn’t my fav, but he deserves more than 7 freakin %!!! C’mon, Directioners:)

  12. ashley
    Commented on this photo:

    Harry styles is so hooooooooooootttttttt………

  13. Noooooeeeeellllee

    Louis!!!!!!!!! I love Louis. Mrs.Tomlinson right here.

  14. alizah


  15. rachel

    People are you really that shallow??
    Obviously Niall is the best or at least better that Harry Styles.
    This poll isn’t about popularity, its about attractiveness. Duh.
    NIALLER ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ronitz

    Zany is soooooooooooo hot

  17. kenziegirl

    OMG zayn is the least not most it is louis then niall then harry then liam THEN zayn duh

  18. kathy
    Commented on this photo:

    this mummy likes liam he isn’t a show off

  19. Commented on this photo:

    niall is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  20. Ryan

    I think Louis is freakishly HOT!!!!!!

  21. Ilove1d

    Louis Tomlinson ALL THE WAY!

  22. mia

    omg its Niall

  23. ELY

    ZAYN IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!! the other ones are just cute!!!!! AND NO IM NOT A DIRECTIONER IM JUST LIKE ZAYN!!!

  24. kylie

    how could ZAYN WIN??????????? im just saying not being offensive zaynlovers but ZAYNE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT CUTE!!!! I SAY HES ONE OF THE UNCUTEST OF THE BAND!!!!!!. remember: JUST SAYING….
    I love niall

  25. FAISAL

    zayn is so hot

  26. Cye


  27. Edward Dewk

    Niall and Harry are the hottest members -.-


  29. Angel

    Harry is the Hottest better looking then that Niall guy he’s ugly.

    The Rest of the boys are cute but Niall is ugly not cute at all.
    I don’t see what some girls seeing in him. He can’t sing and he dam sure is not cute at all.

    But, Zayn, Louis, Liam are cute guys. But Harry Styles is so Hott.
    Love him he so attractive and I love his green pretty eyes and those sexy dimples smile of his.

  30. Susan

    Louis Tomlinson is my favorite. And, he so gorgeous loves his blue eyes.

    Harry is hot nice green eyes and I love his soft curly wild hair.
    Plus his has nice smile but I still think he deserves better then that Kendall.
    Maybe he should date Emma Watson, she cute and single I think.

    Liam is cute nice smile, love his hair. Zayn is kinda cute but the boy is too skinny for my taste.

    Niall is nice looking I guest.

  31. Not much a fan of there’s but I do think Harry & Louis is the cutest.

  32. roshanak
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