Ciara’s Grandma Dances To “Got Me Good”: Idolator Exclusive

There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation. Symptoms include your back aching, your bra being too tight and your booty shaking from left to right. The nature of this grave affliction? Hearing Ciara‘s new single “Got Me Good,” the lead single from the chanteuse’s Epic Records debut One Woman Army, and getting all tuckered out from dancing too hard.

One of the earliest casualties to fall victim was none other than Ciara’s own grandmother, Gladys, who succumbed upon hearing the electrifying R&B smash for the first time — so as a special treat to her fans, Ciara hooked Idolator up with an exclusive video of Gladys popping, locking and dropping to “Got Me Good.” Viewers, take note: This footage is very shocking. Remember to take a multivitamin, see your doctor for regular check-ups and when you get that urge to dance, just go with it. There’s no point in trying to resist — these beats are just too hot. Watch Ciara’s exclusive video up top.