Kelly Rowland’s “Ice”: Watch The Hot, Lil Wayne-Free Video

kelly rowland ice
Hot As Ice
This summer Kelly Rowland dropped “Ice,” her steamy collaboration with Lil Wayne from her upcoming fourth LP. Since then, she has been all over the hip-hop map, linking up with both Ludacris and Big Boi for songs  (and the accompanying videos) on their new  albums. But she finally got around to that “Ice” video, though it was without Lil Wayne (maybe he wasn’t able to fly out to the shoot?).

The former Destiny’s Child singer dances and writhes around in a variety of sexy costumes for much of the video. There’s lots of skin, lots of sweat and, oh yes, lots of naughty ice play. Maybe Weezy’s absence isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  • Julia T

    Best song by Kelly Rowland is “Unity” – amazing ballad that is always on the radio. Love it !

  • Guest

    Well, she just keeps getting raunchier and raunchier and honestly I am highly disappointed. Being grown does not equal being overtly sexual. It means being more responsible for the images that you are creating and the agenda you are promoting. People should not feel like they have been raped and made to watch porn after watching your video. The poor young people who will see this on 106&Park will think that young girls should become overly sexual and engage in premarital sex. Black women have fought for years to overcome this stereotype and these musicians are taking us backwards. I tried to hang with Kelly and give her the benefit of the doubt, but I am now officially OFF this bus. When it becomes apparent that you will do ANYTHING for worldly success, you lose my respect and my support..#thinkaboutit

    • HaitianBaby

      Yall Need To STFU And Stop Worrying About EveryBody Else

  • Halle

    Is this Motivation the sequel ?? C’mon Kelly, you are way better than this ! I agree with the above .. Unity is one of your best songs ever and should be re-released as a single.

  • LaShae

    Well in my opinion I’m sixteen years old and I admit the video is sexy but like the above said Kelly you are a grown woman you have every right to wear and sing what you choose, I like the video but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to think about premarital sex, anyone has the option to say no, so therefore Kelly you keep making your music. I LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!!!!!!