Rihanna’s Pop Report Card: We Grade Her 7 Albums

As we jet around on Rihanna‘s unprecedented 777 Tour — you know, the one where she’s celebrating seven years of seven albums by flying to seven countries for seven shows in seven days with seven lords a’ leaping, etc. — we’re reminded that, wow, pop’s imperial princess has released a lot of records in a very short period of time. How does she do it? And more importantly, how good were those albums?

Before RiRi gets too full of her own “cockiness,” we’re rating all seven of them (yep, even the new one!) in our Pop Report Card. Flick through the gallery and see how your grades stack up with ours!

  • Evan

    Rated R should not have been graded lower than Good Girl Gone Bad and Loud. Just because it didn’t do as well commercially, doesn’t mean it was not the better album. Don’t get me wrong, I like GGGB and Loud and they probably had better and more commercial singles, but Rated R was Rihanna’s most artistic and personal album and it’s better as a whole. Also, even though I’m a Rihanna fan, A+ is too generous a mark for any of her albums. They all have some weak links in them. I would have given Rated R and A- and gone down from there.