Lady Gaga Teases More “Cake”: Watch Her Lick The Icing Off

Lady Gaga Terry Richardson "Cake" Teaser
Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake
Lady Gaga already gave fans a taste of her “Cake” with a first clip of her Terry Richardson-directed visual, but last night, she posted a new teaser of the video — and it’s even sexier (and sleazier) than the last. Showing a curvaceous Gaga rolling around in her bra and underwear in a mess of cake and frosting, the teaser ends with Gaga shaking her ass in a thong in a hot tub, because YOLO. Watch the clip up top.

  • Rempo


  • Kara

    Yep. Her ‘Glitter’ moment is imminent, y’all. This is one trainwreck I’ll truly enjoy. *grabs popcorn*

  • Carter Anthony

    We like . 36 guys here like the video and mrs.kara don´t be
    jealous .

    • Kara

      Bb, I’m never jealous. This is a trainwreck that coming for a long time. I’m just going along for the ride. I’m sure you’ll just say she’s being “experimental” and “having a sense of humor”, until you realize she’s serious as a heart attack about this. It’s all very sad. She does actually have talent and doesn’t need to do this, and yet here she is………. *files nails*

  • Calin

    Keep eating cake BB, it’s showing!!!

  • howiet1971

    I just sicked in my mouth a little.

  • mecindylewis

    I think Lady Gag could be the best pop singer in history. Her music makes everybody dance even those who don’t even like dancing like myself.

  • Not Impressed Anymore

    She’s finally done it and jumped the shark. The music is atrocious.
    Experimental? More like desperation. And…people complained she gained 25 pounds? I’d rather see that than what I just witnessed. What a waste!!!