One Direction’s New Store Pops Up In New York City

One Direction has already taken over the Billboard chart with Take Me Home, so all that’s left to conquer is the Big Apple. 1D’s pop-up store, which has already popped up in Chicago, Sydney and Toronto can now call New York City’s Madison Square Garden its temporary home. In addition to making a mad grab for boy band swag like “Future Mrs. Malik” t-shirts, Directioners can pose with life-size cutouts of the handsome five-some, have a karaoke session with One Direction songs and make their permanent mark by tagging the store’s wall.
The store, which opened last week (just in time for the holiday rush) closes on December 30.


Will you be making a pilgrimage this winter?

  • Maddie-saveme-horan

    What is the address for the One DIrection store in NYC?? PLEASE HELP IM DESPRITE TIMES RUNNING OUT!!!!!!!

  • Debi

    33rd and 6 th. it’s a nice store.

    • laura

      does anyone know the days and hours the 1D store in NYC is open?

    • Rob

      Do you know the hours of the one direction store on 33rd and 6th?

    • DelilahDirectioner

      It’s 33rd and 7th. Goshhhh such a Directionator -.-

  • David Spiro

    33rd and 7th

    • jenny

      does any one know the number to the store?

  • jenny

    does anyone know the phone# to the store

  • Katie


  • samantha

    i love this store

  • jackie

    Going there today :)

  • emma

    I NEED TO GO!!!!!

  • Gianna

    Ummm i was planning to go the store for my birthday and wanted to know if the NYC store was still open. Does anyone know that or the phone number to the store? Thanks!

  • Humor

    LOOOOOL the amount of 12 year old commenting AAHAHHHAAAA MY INSIDES JUST BURSTED

  • Tiffany Gliem

    Hi i love One Direction