Adam Lambert Shows Off His Diva Qualities In ‘VH1 Divas’ Promos

Nov 25th, 2012 // 8 Comments
What A Diva!
Adam Goes Blond
adam lambert blonde
Glambert trades in his black dye job for platinum. Read More »

Adam Lambert, a diva? It isn’t hard to buy. The onetime American Idol runner-up proves he’s on top now in a series of promos in anticipation of his hosting of VH1 Divas, airing December 16. In the ads, Adam pokes fun at his own diva qualities, from needing to find the perfect microphone to coating his throat before a performance and, finally, to shattering glass with his wailing. Check out two more ads after the jump!

VH1 Divas Promo #3

VH1 Divas Promo #1

Adam sells the whole diva thing pretty well, no?


  1. Mal

    Adam Lambert –adorable as always

  2. Milkyway

    Adam will lit-up the show hosting and performing! He is the BEST. Jut love him.

  3. cam

    he can sing circles around the lady diva, hope we get to hear him sing LOTS!!

  4. Sooo funny, love these little commercials! Can’t wait to see the show with a new generation of divas!!

  5. Adam Lambert! Gran Artista!! Lo Felicitooo GLAMBERTS


  7. HELLO

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