Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunite For Instagram Kiss

Nov 30th, 2012 // 3 Comments
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Chris Brown & Rihanna Instagram Embrace

Here’s something that will probably make you feel really bad and upset! America’s sweetheart/person who will shart in your eyes Chris Brown may have deleted his Twitter, but that doesn’t mean he can’t invade your timeline indirectly. The reunion between the well-loved crooner and his on-again-off-again flame Rihanna got a little more public last night when RiRi took to Instagram (as she does) to share a picture of the two in a passionate embrace backstage during his Carpe Diem tour stop in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Neither of their faces are visible, but Brown’s distinctive tattoos and Rihanna’s distinctive hairstyle make it pretty clear who they are. “i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” she captioned the photo, likely implying that he beat the concert within an inch of its life but did not, in fact, actually leave it dead.

It’s Chrianna’s world — we’re just captive in it.


  1. xsushi

    She’s lucky to be ridiculously gorgeous and talented because smarts are clearly not there.

    • tamsa

      As a true serious fan of Rihanna, I have to say I do not care what she does I will still love her, however she really needs to learn to stay away from that bastard.

  2. Marla123

    Clearly they’re together since they’re in Frankfurt, Germany at the same time. Not that much coincidence. Hope she’s safe and sound.

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