Whatcha Say: Rihanna & Chris Brown’s Instagram Photo Got Our Readers Talking

Nov 30th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Whatcha Say 2012 Idolator reader comments

In the past seven days, we saw Rihanna snuggling up with Chris Brown (again), Lana Del Rey giving a dodgy TV performance (again) and Sia performing song she wrote that just happens to be #1 on the Hot 100 this week. Additionally, Lady Gaga revealed she’s apparently been quite productive while penning songs for her next album, Alicia Keys released her fifth album and Nicki Minaj went off on Steven Tyler on Twitter. Head below to see how our readers reacted to this tempest of pop tea!

:: xsushi turned to stone over Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunite For Instagram Kiss: “She’s lucky to be ridiculously gorgeous and talented because smarts are clearly not there.”

:: Likewise, tamsa wasn’t puckering up, either: “As a true serious fan of Rihanna, I have to say I do not care what she does I will still love her, however she really needs to learn to stay away from that bastard.”

:: Kris was en el fuego…or something… on Alicia Keys’ Girl On Fire: Album Review: “I dint really felly alicia fing in dis track.. she is bettr than dis na.”

:: ezra returned to sender on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Has “Like 50 Songs”: “She can keep them all.”

:: Emerence gave props on Sia Performs A Stunning Cover Of Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” A Song Written By Sia: “Can you called it a ‘cover’ when it’s her song? I wish she kept it. Sia performs it with more feeling live. Rihanna recorded version is great, but her live performances of it seem to be more about attitude than feeling.”

:: justin_p didn’t exactly find paradise on Lana Del Rey Performs “Ride” On Later… With Jools Holland: Watch Her Avert Disaster : “I love her to death, but she is truly horrible live.”

:: And as for dimisg — we beg your pardon?: “idolator is a hater after all…”

:: Finally, danny gave the re-up on Nicki Minaj Feudwatch 2012: Twitter Beef With Steven Tyler: “OMG all Nicki does is make fun of people in her raps. Jesus Christ she wrote a song called Stupid Ho. And she always looks crazy with the wigs, makeup etc….look at her album cover. TAKE A JOKE girl and lighten up! Everyone is not out to get you. Almost as bad as Chris Brown.”

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