Lady Gaga Has A Photo Op With Lions On African Safari, Isn’t Eaten By One

If Die Antwoord had their say, Lady Gaga‘s African safari might have ended differently. Fortunately, Mother Monster left her meat dress at home when she went on an African safari during her downtime from performing at the Born This Way Ball in Johannesburg.

The superstar’s first visit to South Africa had her tweeting photos of a safari when she got up close and personal with some very big cats.

“SAFARI PICTURE: in this photo I’m about 10 feet from 13 lions, 2 cubs. I spent about 30 minutes w them and took a nap!” she tweeted with the snaps.

Of course, the “Cake Like Gaga” singer’s first visit to South Africa caused quite a stir with her legion of fans there, who spent hours waiting for a possible meet-and-greet.

No word yet on whether or not she birthed any disgusting prawn creatures, per Die Antwoord’s video. It’s probably safe to assume that she did not.