Nicki Minaj’s Beef Of The Day: The Nicki vs. Hot 97 Saga Rages On

Ohh, Nicki Minaj. The “Va Va Voom” singer better be careful or she won’t have a single friend left in the music industry, given her penchant for fighting with her fellow rappers, her fellow American Idol judges (past and present), and the radio DJs that play her music. One of her most infamous beefs is with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, and now she’s moved on to squabbling with the station’s other personalities — and even demanded that Hot 97 stop playing her music.The drama flared up again when Ebro Darden and Rosenberg discussed unimpressive sales of Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded rerelease The Re-Up, which moved a so-so 36,000 copies. (Rereleases don’t tend to fare as well as brand new albums, naturally.) Ebro claimed Rosenberg might have “ended” Nicki’s career with his disparaging remarks about her turn toward clubby pop tunes.

It led Nicki to call Ebro and give him a piece of her mind.

“She used every woman stab she could: ‘I thought you were a man, you’re a cornball, I thought we were friends, you’re fake,’” Ebro explains. Apparently the conversation ended with Nicki requesting that Hot 97 stop playing her music.

Because that’s a great way to make up for lackluster album sales — get a major radio station to not play your music anymore.

Of course, we’re getting all this information second-hand, but it sure sounds like hot-headed Nicki, who has shown an increasing lack of ability to handle anyone saying even the slightest negative thing about her.

Fortunately for Hot 97 listeners who like Nicki anyway, Ebro has no plans to stop playing her singles. “I love Nicki Minaj,” he admits, even despite their heated conversation.

At least one of them isn’t taking this all a little too personally.