Chris Brown Is Back On Twitter, Posts A Racy Picture Of Rihanna

Dec 2nd, 2012 // Comment
RiRi + Breezy: It's On
Chris Brown & Rihanna Instagram Embrace
Rihanna Instagrams a pic of the pair snuggling. Read More »

Come on, we knew it would happen — Chris Brown is back on Twitter, which means it’ll be another, oh, six minutes before he offends someone with a misogynist or ignorant tweet.

But since Breezy has yet to use his Twitter for ill or for good, we’ll have to entertain ourselves with the racy photo he posted of Rihanna (is there any other kind?) on Instagram. She appears to be hiding herself in a camouflage bedsheet (?) but RiRi — we can still see you. And we’re not too happy at seeing you in such a state of undress around your bad boy ex. (Or, perhaps we should just accept it — current boyfriend.)

The photo came complete with the caption “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?”

The answer: there would be a lot fewer duets between women and the men who have brutally beat them.

If it’s “Nobody’s Business” then why are we being subjected to all these teasing photos?

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