Best Music 2012: Becky G Picks Her Favorite Album Of 2012

Dec 3rd, 2012 // 8 Comments
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The end of 2012 is fast approaching, and it’s got us reflecting on the very best music this year had to offer — and doing it with a little help from our friends. Idolator asked some of our favorite artists to talk about the albums that most inspired them this year in an exclusive series — and first up is Becky G, the singer-songwriter-rapper who’s a certified superstar in the making — and her favorite LP of the year may surprise you. 

Turns out that Becky’s best-loved record of the year was one of last year’s top records — Adele‘s chart-topping sophomore LP 21. “She’s probably a good example of writing your life on paper,” Becky explained. “And whether the stories were real or not, it seemed really genuine and really relatable.”

And beyond that, Becky said, the emotional resonance of that album was pretty much unparalleled. “When I would listen to the music, even though I wasn’t heartbroken, I felt heartbroken,” Becky said. “You really feel for this woman.”

Based on the 25 million copies of 21 that have been sold since the album’s release, we’re guessing that the public agrees with Becky on that. Watch the video up top.

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  1. carlos

    Isn’t 21 from 2011??? WTF?!!

  2. Mal

    Best pop album, great reviews, little radio play because they play only their “core artists”. Trespassing by Adam Lambert

  3. THE BEST ALBUM OF 2012 is, without a doubt, TRESPASSING by ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! He has the best voice and talent. There is not one out there who can touch him! I don’t care how many albums they’ve sold, I LOVE MUSIC!! I HATE BLAND!! And he commands a stage like no other!!

  4. Terie Dailey

    TRESPASSING by ADAM LAMBERT is my #1 choice for BEST Album of 2012 although the radio Big Wigs have chosen to ignore this young artist’s Brilliance for reasons known only to them. It’s too bad that ‘ Quantity Sold’ outweighs ‘Quality of Music’ here in the USA. The rest of the World has embraced ADAM as a Global Superstar & plays his songs on the radio without question. What’s wrong here??

  5. Adam Lambert’s Trespassing is my favorite album for 2012.

    The album is an exciting, relevant,danceable,yet deep and profound piece of musical art.
    This is a well thought out and liberating CD…. It makes me feel all kinds of emotions, & the songs continue to linger in my mind and in my heart day after day.

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