‘The Voice’: Ne-Yo & Matchbox Twenty Perform, Amanda Brown & Melanie Martinez Eliminated

There’s a considerable breakdown in some of the coaches’ confidences as they enter Tuesday’s (December 4) results show of The Voice. Betraying some early nerves, Adam Levine says of the previous night’s performances, “It wasn’t perfect. There were things I wish could have been better.” Generally cocky Blake Shelton reveals, “My heart is pounding right now because I desperately not only want to see [Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott] go through and be one of the last four contestants, but I really want both of them to be the last two contestants.”

Cee Lo, on the other hand, waxes poetic (as he often does) about stars being born in a “united front” right front of him. The rift goes on, but he touches on the four F’s: Fantasy, Fashion statements, Fire and Future. While this is the first time we’ve seen “fire” as a propellant for superstardom, Cee Lo might be onto something. Not only does he have two contestants remaining in the Top 6, he also pressed his button for every contestant remaining, along with those in the Top 8 and the Top 10! The man wearing a Liza Minnelli sequined suit is, apparently, the arbitrator of taste on The Voice.

Christina Aguilera, who sports a pink wig seemingly inspired by Britney’s breakdown phase, says the following: “Trevin made me bust out my fan”; “Cassadee keeps gaining momentum”; “Nicholas had a really nice rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow.’” We will count that as her predictions and move forward with the performances and results:

Guest performer Ne-Yo performs “Let Me Love You” with Amanda Brown, who keeps right up with the chart-topping veteran, and the on-stage chemistry between the two is hot. Either Amanda’s years mastering the back-up singer charisma are really paying off, or Ne-Yo totally has a legitimate crush on her.

Terry McDermott, whose performances Monday landed at #1 and #2 on the iTunes Rock chart, and Trevin Hunte, who’s performances Monday hit #1 on the iTunes R&B chart, duet with “Feel Again” by One Republic. The song choice doesn’t quite jive with Trevin’s vocals, and Terry looks like he wants to bust out into a rocker growl the whole time, but it’s hard to go wrong with their talent.

Cassadee Pope’s performances on Monday charted at #1 on the iTunes Pop tally. She and Amanda Brown perform Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” Two powerhouses covering another powerhouse should equal a memorable performance, but alas… Maybe it was the lack of a blustery wind machine, but it just feels a little too safe. Carson Daly sums up what everyone is thinking: “Well, that’s nice.”

Rob Thomas returns to The Voice to perform with Matchbox Twenty, and give some more advice to former mentees Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte…sort of. “They sing better than I do and I’ve done pretty well,” he says in Christina Milian’s “Guys! Up here! I’m still here!” sky box moment of the evening. So, sing slightly mediocre and hope for the best? Cee Lo’s remaining contestants join Rob and his band onstage to perform their new single “Overjoyed.” We would like to see a little more of Nicholas and Trevin’s personalities shine through, but they do as well as backup singers for Matchbox Twenty can do.

Melanie Martinez and Nicholas David bring the best of the ’90s to the stage with their performance of “Criminal.” This is some really quick turnaround on feedback by Christina Aguilera, who suggested Melanie take on Fiona Apple in her notes on Monday. Melanie steals the show with this one, and it’s her best performance by far. Too bad for Adam’s bow-donning quirky girl that it doesn’t count toward votes. But it will surely rack up some more iTunes downloads.

It’s clear the final six contestants have what it takes to keep entertaining America. But only four can go on. Let’s face it: any elimination at this point is going to equal some broken hearts. So prepare yourselves for the results:

Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott will represent Team Blake Shelton, and Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte will represent Team Cee Lo in the semi-finals. That means the shocking elimination of Amanda Brown, and the slightly less-shocking elimination of Melanie Martinez, both from Team Adam Levine. Adam joins fellow eliminated coach Christina Aguilera on the sidelines, where they watch the final weeks of the competition like the rest of America. Except with red chairs. And way more money.

The Top 4 perform in The Voice semi-finals next Monday, December 10. Do you agree with the votes? Who do you think is going to make it all the way? Let us know in the comments below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!