The Killers’ “I Feel It In My Bones” Video: Watch Santa Go Bad

Dec 4th, 2012 // 2 Comments
The Killers "I Feel It In My Bones" Video
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The Killers have dropped one of the oddest (but most distinctive, at least) holiday singles in recent memory with “I Feel It In My Bones,” and now the video gives new life to the tune, a moody rock track that has lead singer Brandon Flowers belting “Once I was naughty but now I’m nice” over eerie, foreboding instrumentation. (We’d probably prefer naughty Flowers, for the record.)

The video follows a Very Bad Santa — he’s a biker with a thirst for blood, just like (presumably) most mall Santas — through his tour of darkness. It’s witty, a little haunting and very #dark, even if Billy Bob Thornton is still the grizzled old creeper Santa we love the most. Watch the video up top.


  1. la cancion esta chevere :)

  2. Nechayeva Maryna

    It is the best Christmas song i have ever heard, i listened this song about 40 times, and i want more!!!)) P.S I am from Ukraine

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