Melanie Amaro Debuts New Single “Long Distance,” Announces ‘X Factor’ Performance

What’s Melanie Amaro been up to since winning the first season of The X FactorGood thing you asked! There was that Pepsi commercial which was not very good, and then there was that dance version of Aretha Franklin‘s “Respect” which was not very good, and then there was another big dance single called “Don’t Fail Me Now” that was actually really good, and then there was a weepy vaguely urban-sounding ballad called “Love Me Now” which was sort of good, and none of it mattered in any meaningful way and her career turned into the musical equivalent of one big question mark.

And slowly but surely, when people began saying Melanie Amaro’s name, it was greeted not by an enthusiastic “Oh! That girl with the massive vocals who won The X Factor!” but rather, the dreaded “Who?” Melanie Amaro, X Factor champ/once-in-a-lifetime-vocalist/girl-who-sang-with-Beyonce-on-stage, reduced to a “Who?” Bummer city. But hark! There’s hope on the horizon.

Amaro’s got a new tune that dropped today, and she’s even going to promote it! The song in question is called “Long Distance,” and it’s a big midtempo dance number with a lot of strings and a monster chorus; it wouldn’t sound out of place on Leona Lewis‘ underrated last album Glassheart. And it’s pretty good!

As for promo, she’s set to perform the track on The X Factor tomorrow (December 6), which should be a good reminder that, y’know, Melanie Amaro is still happening. Remind yourself why by listening to “Long Distance” below.