Passion Pit “Carried Away (Viceroy Remix)”: Idolator Premiere

By: Carl Williott / December 6, 2012

Passion Pit‘s Gossamer was one of the prettiest albums of the year, and “Carried Away” was one of the cheeriest, most infectious songs of the bunch. So it’s only fitting that Viceroy — whose motto is “Summertime, all the time” — decided to remix that particular Michael Angelakos track.

Viceroy’s remix keeps the song’s original foundation, but his treatment ditches the slinky-to-lush and quiet-to-loud transitions in favor of a more uniform dance pulse. It’s got bursting bubbles of electro, a handclap breakdown and even some clean guitar riffs. Check it out below.

Passion Pit — “Carried Away (Viceroy Remix)”