Beyonce “Sounds Like She Has A Fifth Grade Education,” Says Noted Elocutionist Wendy Williams

Vaunted orator and semantics expert Wendy Williams used her daily, high-minded ideas exchange to throw some shade Beyonce‘s way. While discussing Bey’s forthcoming HBO documentary, the talk show host said, “Fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. She — you know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. She can’t talk.”

Keep in mind, this is coming from the woman who managed to turn “How you doin’?” into the much more efficient “hahyouduhh,” so word noises are sort of her thing. But don’t worry, Williams doesn’t seem to have real beef with King B, as she preceded the insult with a “hugs and kisses bb!” statement: “I am a Beyonce fan. And I have to tell you, I’m gonna be watching this documentary.”

[via ONTD]

  • aba

    Beyoncé is a very shy person contrary to popular belief. But the woman is very smart and she has her speech controlled. This hoe better shut her mouth.

  • Kerry

    “Word noises are sort of her thing” hahahaha that cracked me up

  • Adam

    With that said… I’d rather hear her talk than sing


    She’s controlled to act, sound and appear white so the ghetto doesn’t show

  • Jean

    lol aint it true.. Beyounce aint doing nothing but following the crowd

  • xsushi

    So she’s no physicist, at least she is one of the few celebrities that remains genuinely pure of heart and kind to everyone. She works hard and gives back without talking back, more than you can say for most including Wendy.

  • Eric Willard

    I would say B!tch please to “Wendy” but I’ll leave it at “Dude!” since she’s really a “William”. Talk about the most annoying, manish speaking dumb a$$ in the industry? Wendy Williams is right up there with Mitt ROmney with the stupid stuff that comes out of that mouth. U mad Wendy?