Ke$ha Settles $14 Million Lawsuit With Former Management

Dec 6th, 2012 // Comment
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Ah, the spoils of being a pop star: Get famous and everyone’s suing you for $14 million. That’s what happened to unapologetic cannibal and trash-pop goddess Ke$ha, who has one less thing to worry about today, even if disappointing first-week sales of Warrior are still a thorn in her side.

The chanteuse has settled a lawsuit with her former management that first cropped up in early 2011, when K$ and her superproducer Dr. Luke were sued by DAS Communications, who signed Ke$ha when she was just a wayward songbird without major-label interest; due to Ke$ha never waiving her contract stipulating that they were entitled to 20% of her income after it expired, DAS felt entitled to a big chunk of the K$ empire.

But fortune smiled upon the ghost-copulating slutwaver — presumably, anyway — as the suit was settled in court, with a rep saying simply that the agreement was “agreeable to all concerned.” The plaintiff, David Sonenberg, better watch his back, though — it wouldn’t be surprising at all to hear that Ke$ha launched her chimerical ex-boyfriend on him.


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