Justin Bieber Is Working On An Acoustic Album

Perhaps motivated by his Grammys snub, Justin Bieber is already working on new material as well as an acoustic album. The pop star on Thursday (December 6) tweeted: “been writing alot…new stuff…and yeah. the acoustic album, new arrangements, is happening…” So does that mean the acoustic version of “Boyfriend,” which was teased in his fragrance ad, will appear on the release?  Hear that snippet below, and cross your fingers that it makes the cut, along with more reworked material from Believe.

This, of course, wouldn’t be Bieber’s first unplugged album. His 2010 compilation My Worlds Acoustic included stripped-down versions of his hits like “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” Just as Ke$ha on Warrior and her acoustic Deconstructed EP wanted to show people that there was a voice behind all the studio trickery, Bieber released that comp partly to show off his vocal chops.