Rihanna Mixes It Up In New Photo Shoot, Decides To Go Bottomless For A Change

Must be a slow news day, because Rihanna‘s usually-unnoteworthy lack of apparel has caught our attention twice. In other naked Rihanna news, the never-sorry starlet decides her girls had had enough air of late and decided to modestly put a bra on for a change. However, this of course meant that she must remove her panties at once, for we don’t know what happens if Rihanna is caught with all her clothes on, but we know it can’t be good.

These snaps come courtesy of RiRi BFF Melissa Forde, who often likes to tweet naked photos of her gal pal, which is, you know, just what celebrities do — hang around naked wearing nothing but a spirit hood. Normal. See another photo after the jump.

“Who needs fashion when there’s pu$$y” is the classy quote that accompanied these pics.

Given Rihanna’s disregard for undergarments (or at least, a full set of them), we imagine growing up in her house went a little something like this.