Jamie Foxx Does J-Pop, Tyler Perry, Porn, And Sings With 2 Chainz On ‘SNL’

Dec 9th, 2012 // 1 Comment
Did Somebody Say "Shelves"?
RiRi on SNL
Rihanna "Diamonds" on Saturday Night Live
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Ne-Yo may have been the official musical guest of the evening, but if you thought Saturday Night Live would go down without a little crooning and rapping from Jamie Foxx, you were mistaken. The Django Unchained star showed off his musical stylings on more than one occasion, first by turning a 2 Chainz ditty into a soulful musical number during his opening monolouge, then by rapping in his appearance in the recurring J-Pop segment. But Jamie really shined bright like a Swarovski crystal in two hilarious non-musical segments, one featuring him as a two-faced Tyler Perry, the other as ex-porn star Stanley Stamina now selling Swarovski.

Which sketch was your fave? We’re partial to the porn one ourselves.


  1. HELLO

    Jamie shined? He’s a racist prick. I’d pay a white actor to get up there and say what he did but flip it around so it’s against blacks. The actor wouldn’t work in Hollywood again.

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