Rita Ora’s “Radioactive” Video: The Pop Star Gets Galactic

Dec 10th, 2012 // 4 Comments
Rita Ora "Radioactive" Video
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Rita Ora has had more than her share of party and bullshit on this planet, thank you very much, so she’s headed to space in the video for her new single “Radioactive.” The Sia-penned cut is easily one of the standout tracks from Ora’s debut LP, with its pounding house production and soaring chorus, but the video doesn’t pack quite as powerful of a punch.

While the spacey set design and effects were surely intended to look futuristic, here, they just look campy, and while Ora’s styling is typically gorgeous, there isn’t much drama in the action, which is pretty passive. It gives us shades of Girls Aloud‘s famously bad “Something Kinda Ooooh” video, although it certainly doesn’t plumb depths that extreme.

Watch the video up top.

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  1. jamison

    i like it. but it would have been so much better if there was actual choreography

  2. Brian

    I love it best tune and video for new year baby she look awesome

  3. P3P

    Great tune Rita! Love this track! I bet we will hear from this 22 y.o. chick quite for long. And bet this song will smash the European Pop charts too. Word of TheMusigger.

  4. John

    love it… she is good on what she is doing

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