‘The Voice’: Michael Buble Performs & Christina Gives Cassadee Pope The Highest Compliment…Sort Of

Everyone is in the holiday spirit on Monday’s episode of The Voice! A white-tuxed Michael Buble performs “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” to kick off the night. It’s such the embodiment of Christmas that we’re half expecting the Rockettes to materialize out of the fake snow. Blake Shelton’s entire Season 3 team reunites to sing “White Christmas” with him — both live and for Blake’s upcoming Christmas album. It’s utterly sad how few of them we remember, calling into question the “This isn’t the end for you,” farewell that they all received. Finally, the holiday spirit got to the powers that be, who decide that only one contestant will be voted off this week on the show. A merry Christmas to all (except one), indeed!

The coaches are all smiles as well, even the team-less Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Christina gushes about the mighty dapper Blake and Adam, who are both uncharacteristically dressed up. “How cute do our coaches look tonight? They’re so handsome. You’re all in suits and ties!” Christina raves. “And then you…in your little baseball cap…so cute!” she adds, awkwardly acknowledging Cee Lo’s casual Monday ensemble.

The show is not without heavy hearts, however, as Latin artist — and La Voz Mexico (The Voice Mexico) judge — Jenni Rivera is remembered. The Latin music star died in a plane crash on Sunday (December 9) on her way to a scheduled taping of La Voz. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Jenni Rivera. She was a coach on The Voice Mexico, a personal friend and a talented artist and will be greatly missed by many,” host Carson Daly says before the show moves forward with the performances:

Team Cee Lo: Trevin Hunte Trevin Hunte performs Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” And dedicates it to his former middle school. And is overwhelmed with emotion during. Yes, seriously. While it’s all way too much for us, the judges just rave. Christina reminisces about chirping the song when she was a 7-year-old wedding singer, but says, “I never sang it as crazy-great as that.” Adam says Trevin “killed it.” Cee Lo talks about how “amazingly beautiful” Trevin’s voice is. Maybe we’re missing something, but he sounds way off pitch. And, again, he dedicated a Bette Midler song — the Bette Midler song — to middle school students, thus crossing the line between “adorably sweet” and “this is the cheesiest thing we’ve ever witnessed” yet again.

Team Cee Lo: Nicholas David In most singing competitions, dedicating “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker to one’s family might be considered the corniest move one could make. Lucky for Nicholas David, he is up after Trevin “Beaches” Hunte, and sounds downright badass by comparison. Though he’s one crown away from Burger King chic with newly styled hair and contact lenses, Nicholas’ voice transcends his always odd appearance. It’s nothing but praise for him from the coaches. Adam declares, “You are one of the most soulful people I’ve ever met,” and Cee Lo tells Nicholas (through tears), “We are your family, Nick.”

Team Blake: Cassadee Pope Blake takes over on song choice for Cassadee’s performance, and has her sing another country hit. She adds her usual pop-rock edge to Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy,” and the style continues to suit her. In perhaps the highest form of compliment that a pop singer could give a fellow pop singer, Christina tells Cassadee, “You almost sound Auto-tuned because you’re so perfect.” Awwww, how sweet! You almost look spray-tanned because you’re so orange! Blake praises Cassadee’s ability to convey emotion in her performances, saying “She has the ability to connect with a lyric like nobody I’ve ever seen on this show.”

Team Blake: Terry McDermott After re-connecting with his wife, son and family from Scotland, Terry McDermott is more ready than ever to hit the stage. “It totally refocuses you to look straight at your family and remember why you’re doing it,” he says. Terry performs the Beatles classic “Let It Be,” and though it lacks the powerful high runs of some past performances, it’s easily one of his strongest. “Thank God for you, Terry! You’re so wonderful!” Adam gushes, after emotionally lip-syncing through the song. “That song is sacred ground, and there’s only a handful of singers in the world who should attempt that,” Blake pontificates, adding, “You’re one of them.”

All good things must come to end, and that includes Season 3 of The Voice. Although it’s hard to imagine any of the four finalists being eliminated, tonight one will have the sad honor of being the sole contestant sent home packing, while the other three prepare for the finals.

So what do you think? Who should make it to the finals? Let us know in the comments below!