Bonnie McKee Is A ‘Popstar In Training’ In New Teaser: Idolator Exclusive

Let’s say this up front — we’re really excited about Bonnie McKee. The singer-songwriter is easily one of the most promising artists set to launch in 2013: After a first career as a teenage wunderkind singing shimmering pop-rock songs in the mid-noughties, McKee turned her focus to writing monster hits with Dr. Luke and Max Martin for artists like Britney SpearsRita Ora and McKee’s most frequent collaborator Katy Perry — including “Teenage Dream,” a song which has been studied exhaustively by scientists who determined it to be empirically without flaws. Fact.

Now, with eight (eight!) #1 singles in the last two (two!) years under her belt, McKee is breaking out again as a solo artist in her own right, readying new music as the latest addition to Epic Records’ roster of talent.

But how do you go from behind-the-scenes songwriter to pop superstar? That’s the focus of McKee’s new video series, Popstar In Training, which will document her development as the next big thing — and Idolator’s teaming up with McKee to exclusively premiere the episodes, kicking off in January. Until then, the first teaser, up top, just looks like footage from an ordinary day in the life of the hitmaker/heartbreaker: Light saber fights, killer choreography and taking cute GPOYs with Carly Rae Jepsen. Which is what we did yesterday, too. So it’s no big deal.

Stay tuned for more videos from Bonnie McKee, while we’ll be premiering weekly as we trace her journey to megawatt superstardom.