Usher Performs “Numb” & Has A Dance-Off On ‘Ellen’: Watch

Hey, it’s Usher! Yeah, that guy! The R&B crooner took a breather from looking for himself (his album was called Looking 4 Myself, so it’s a full-time job) to perform his latest single “Numb” on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where he showed off some slick dancin’ moves (seriously impressive choreo, bro) and vocals that sounded — well, they sounded pretty good, considering he was dancing really hard. It happens.

He also hung out with Ellen on the show, and they had a pretty heated dance-off; in fact, it was probably the best dance-off we’ve seen since You Got Served, or at least Step Up 2 The Streets, which is really saying something. Watch him belt out “Numb” up top, then see his dance-off below.

Ellen and Usher Dance — Video