L.A. Reid Announces Departure From ‘The X Factor,’ Since He Has A Record Label To Run

Dec 14th, 2012 // 3 Comments
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Sad news for fans of L.A. Reid, the guy at the judges’ table who isn’t Simon Cowell, Britney Spears or Demi Lovato — if you’re out there, hey L.A. Reid’s fans! — the Epic Records chairman and CEO is departing The X Factor after this season so he can go back to running a major record label, which was his job before he became a FOX demi-celebrity.

“Of course I will miss the show,” Reid told The Hollywood Reporter. ”In my opinion Simon attracts the best talent, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my core business and the responsibility of running Epic Records.”

As Billboard notes, though (via Popjustice), virtually all of the talent produced by The X Factor (released by Epic Records under Reid’s guidance) has underperformed (which is an “industry term” that basically means “flopped”) commercially. So there’s that.

The good news: Reid says that his next priorities at Epic will be promoting Ciara and Avril Lavigne, which means music is basically saved.


  1. How come this is one of the few posts you have done this season for the X Factor? Don’t you guys like the show? I mean, CeCe Frey, Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose… No?! Oh well…

  2. lola

    Finally, Al Roker can go back to reporting the weather.

  3. Kaye

    I wouldn’t report on the show either, it’s scripted bull****

    Simon thinks changing the judges panel will gather viewers and well to a degree it may, overall it doesn’t. The judges are not the focus and aren’t even shown majority of the time. The issue is the really bad acting – and then the question, WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING?

    Just watch other versions of X-Factor. Sure they feature the sob story of the contestant so we know straight away they get picked & that can be staged, but the US version is all scripted. The way families watch backstage, all smiling, staring at a TV screen even on live shows (every other version I’ve seen they’ve been in the audience) – It’s just unbelievable. And that is why American Idol still slays the competition, because it has a grounded audience and although its very produced, it’s not all acting – especially amongst the contestants. Even The Voice has too much acting in it and I don’t think audiences are AS stupid anymore.

    And altho I’m a fan – we all Brit was the wrong choice. For her career she made a great move, but she is horrible on that show. Looking at Demi’s face after Brit comments on Fifth Harmony’s performance of “Anything Can Happen” shows that not even a fellow judge, in on the acting, can believe the nerve-wrecking character of Spears. I don’t think Brit is scripted in the sense she is told “say this to this act” – I just think they’ve rehearsed so many ways of saying the same thing, that she remembers a line, leans in awkwardly, speaks for 5 seconds then leans back, uncomfortable in her chair. We know her story, she doesn’t trust the media or anyone anymore (for good reason) but I think that shows and means, more than anything, that she needs to get out of the spotlight – either forever (let’s hope not) or until she can restore balance in her life and find that confidence and also interest in her career – cause I sure don’t want another producer-written album like Femme Fatale or Circus. At the VERY least, input like Blackout, but if we dream, something like ITZ.

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