Nicole Scherzinger Previews “Boomerang” Video: Watch

Hey! Remember Nicole Scherzinger? She’s sure been kicking around the music industry for a minute, hasn’t she? She was the only one who sang in The Pussycat Dolls, and then she was a judge on The X Factor, and then she was replaced by Britney Spears after stealing a precious, innocent child’s dreams, and then she never actually released a solo album in America because Her Name Is Nicole was scrapped and the stateside release of Killer Love was pushed back indefinitely? Yes, that Nicole! 

Just kidding, we’re being hard on poor ol’ Scherzy, who has a new single called “Boomerang” coming out. She previewed the video on The X Factor (in the UK, not the American one!), and it looks like a weird, trippy kaleidoscopic thing with lots of wild gesticulating, but the song sounds pretty good!(Definitely better than the tuneless “Poison” and probably not quite as good as the admittedly sublime “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”)

Watch the five-second preview of the video and song up top.

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