Harry Styles Gets A Ship Tattoo Freakishly Similar To The One In Taylor Swift’s Music Video

Harry Styles and current lady Taylor Swift spent some quality couples’ time at an L.A. tattoo parlor on Tuesday night (December 18). Photos of the One Direction member showing off a giant pirate ship on his left bicept at Shamrock Tattoo (the same place where Rihanna got her “Thug Life” ink earlier this year) surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday (December 19). The Internet (understandably) went bananas — not just because Taylor is now apparenly spending her week nights at a tattoo joint — but because of the uncanny resemblance Harry’s new design bares to the Tay’s love interest has in her “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video.

If the relationship fails to last as long as Harry’s new tatt, at least we can all say we saw it coming.