Beyonce, Selena Gomez & More Demand An End To Gun Violence In New PSA: Watch

Beyonce gun violence PSA
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Beyonce wells up with tears as she urges citizens to help end gun violence in a new PSA for that features a slew of other celebrities. The message is poignant as stars like Selena GomezJamie Foxx, John Legend, Gwyneth PaltrowEllen DeGeneres and more list off some of the most tragic shootings in recent memory.

The simple, yet solemn, video hopes to raise awareness and gain momentum for the implementation of stricter gun legislation following the Newtown, CT tragedy. “For the children of Sandy Hook,” Beyonce says. And whatever Bey says, goes. Watch the touching video up top.

  • Sharriska

    The one who caught my attention most is actually Chris Rock.

  • Sandra

    When those “stars ” say good by to their security/body guards that are packing heat then I might actually respect what they have to say… Not that I would agree withh them. They don’t have to live int he real world.


    Good point, Sandra! They should shun using armed body guards and police who surround them 24/7. I’m so bloody tired of listening to celebrities preach to us. STFU.

    • Jay

      I love that you guys turn something positive into something negative. Stay classy.
      What are you going to complain about next time? That celebrities shouldn’t donate to charities?

      • HELLO

        No, they should donate their millions to charities instead of begging us to do it via telethons, PSA’s and tweets