Pet Shop Boys “Memory Of The Future (Stuart Price Extended Mix)”: Idolator Premiere

Dec 27th, 2012 // 9 Comments
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Pet Shop Boys Memory Of The Future

One thing that’s stellar about Pet Shop Boys in this era of the British duo’s storied career: they’re not ones to shy away from good old-fashioned extended mixes. And for “Memory Of The Future,” their third single off Elysium, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe not only enlisted Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers, Take That) to remix the track for its official release, the digital bundle (out January 1) comes wielding the “Stuart Price Extended Mix.”

“Stuart Price made the new seven-inch mix of ‘Memory of the future’ for us and then extended it into this fantastic futuristic dance mix,” says Tennant of pairing up with Price (who, we must say, would make a great choice of producer for their next studio album). Longtime fans of the Boys will note some winking similarities between this remix and the one Shep Pettibone did for their 1986 single “Love Comes Quickly.” What better way to conjure up a memory of the future?

Listen To Stuart Price’s full remix below.

Other remixes of “Memory Of The Future” come courtesy of Ulrich Schnauss, DJ Waldo Squash and London duo Digital Dog. The single, when released digitally on January 1, will also arrive with three new b-sides: “Listening,” “One Night” and “Inside.”

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  1. Carl cain

    Awful remix I could have done better leave it to the original

  2. Hernan

    don´t agree with Carl cain. Impressive remix, different, futuristic, very nice!!!

  3. Wow , Great remix , I absolutely love it x

  4. fabreker

    terrible version , excelente mix . muy copado para empezar el 2013 ! gracias pet shop boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Davout

    It’s very electronic and fabulous mix! Thank You. Happy New Year!

  6. Rick Defort

    Amazing remix!! Looks like the Pet Shop Boys have met Kraftwerk!

  7. Ben

    Thanks for pointing out that Stuart Price would make a great PSB producer. While it should have happened a decade ago, anytime they get around to it I’m game.

  8. Mark Nolan

    WOW – astounding (after thinking the 7 inch mix was a bit all over the place, the extended mix is AMAZING.

  9. It’s great! A bland original track is injected with Hi-NRG and the result is twice as good as the original. I’m an uptempo guy that was hugely disappointed by “Elysium”, which I think is PSB’s worst album by far. Now I’m really excited that 1) Stuart Price is producing the new album, 2) that it’s out already in June, and 3) that the sound of the teaser is analogue, italo disco, Hi-NRG, from the early 80′s even before the Boys had released a record!

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