Britney Spears To Get Fired From ‘The X Factor’: Report

Breaking news! Stop the presses! Extr-ee, extr-ee, read all about it! According to a new report, Britney Spears is so breathtakingly boring on The X Factor that producers are planning to give the living legend the ol’ heave-ho come 2013, citing her underwhelming performance and sky-high salary as reasons for her unsustainable future. Of course, this comes courtesy of an exclusive story in Us Weekly, so we’ll await an official confirmation before trying too hard to get #Pray4Godney to trend on Twitter.

News that Spears is a snooze on the show won’t shock even her most diehard devotees, and her low-octane delivery hasn’t gone unnoticed by producers who were, perhaps, expecting something a little more on the umbrella-wielding end of the spectrum. “They paid [$15 million] for her to say ‘amazing’ and offer half-claps,” an “insider” told Us Weekly. As for Simon Cowell, another source alleges that he’s eager to see Spears gone: “He wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney.” Admittedly, that’s probably how most of America feels too.

Given that The X Factor continues to flounder in the ratings, it may be time to face facts: Spears may remain one of the world’s best pop stars, but she’s not a particularly compelling TV personality. Conversely, Christina Aguilera‘s last album was a colossal flop, but she makes for wickedly dynamic and compulsively watchable television. Do with that what you will.

[via Us Weekly]

  • danny

    Love her music. Hate her personality. She needs a shot of vitamin C in her butt or something! Last 5 years or so there has been ZERO energy. Even on X-Factor when they say their statistics they say Britney sold 100 million records….OK they been saying that for the last 10 years now. LOL After like 15 years now I think it’s time to hang up the glittery body suits and call it a day. Britney simply is not worth 1 million dollars a week. Love her music though. Just do that and no more remixes! They’ve all sucked.

  • Fan4me

    I’m surprised people feel this way! I actually thought she was very entertaining on the X Factor! I laughed at her so many times! She was the new Paula Abdul. I really enjoyed her on the show. She was so sweet too.

  • Fraser

    I always liked the show, with or without Britney. I don’t think Demi was a better judge than Britney. They were at the same level to me. Britney was more straightfoward with her comments, but she could be way more constructive knowing she has such an amazing run in this industry since she was a child. She was, however, the best mentor of the entire competition. If the show wasn’t rigged, Carly Rose would have obviously won, but since L.A. announced he was leaving the show, the producers made it look like he left with glory. Demi used to ramble A LOT while giving comments on every performance and was stupid on those fights with Simon, but she at least said what was on her mind.

    I think The X Factor was great for Britney fashion wise. She stepped up her game quickly after the auditions, and looked flawless almost every week during the live shows. It was also great confidence wise, because Britney became guarded after 2007 and like she said in For the Record, “you have to be that way,” but she was simply not showing how happy she was working anymore. The show gave Britney her spark back and I couldn’t be more happy. Am I sad because she won’t return? A bit, because I loved having a year full of Britney, and I’m already missing out watching her on live TV. But it is what it is.

    I don’t believe this US Weekly source, because she only signed for a one season deal. Plus, Simon himself said he didn’t even discuss with Britney about the possible return for another season. She’s currently working on her 8th studio album and I think The X Factor would be a GREAT plataform to put that out. Can we please take “Scream & Shout” for example? The song had no live performance besides using it during a DJ set at the Jingle Bell Ball. The only promo it got was the music video premiere on the show and the Beats By Dr. Dre commercial. It quickly became Britney’s first top five hit since 2008 in the UK, it’s stable on the Hot 100, selling over 140k each week since the video premiere, it’s back to #12 on that chart, has reached number one and the top five in many other countries.

    So I think we can agree that it was helpful for Britney’s career overall.

  • Kurt

    it’s refreshing to watch Britney at XFactor.. if she’s gone next season, i will not watch that show again :)

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    Though I do think Britney wasn’t as exciting as I’d hope she’d be…I wouldn’t watch the show if she wasn’t on it next Season. She was the best Mentor out of all of them and I think if given some constructive criticism she’d be a better judge next season. It’s something she’s never done before. It takes a bit more time.

  • Huseyin ‘Jake’ Onur

    This article is a piece of s*it ! None of the ‘claims’ made in this article match whats really been said by the stars them selves … Britney was by far the best mentor on the show… Demi, complete mess! Un-necessary biased comments, complete makeover of her group members… Originality being lost whilst Britney kept it straight-forward, honest, and actually WORKED with her group members …

    As for the entertainment side of things… i think she was actually the most entertaining judge on the show this season!
    Demi and Simon’s arguments got so boring in the end, Demi’s amateur side of things was becoming very public, Reid was just Reid … Britney on the other hand … Was just complete fun to watch! Way she interacted with her group, the way she would hold her self back but if something pissed or off she would make it obvious … especially towards Simon and she just said things how it was to the contestants …