Cheryl Cole’s Controversial New Video “Ghetto Baby”: Watch

Cheryl Cole Ghetto Baby
Too Raunchy For Dad?
Open up your peepers and feast your eyes on Cheryl Cole’s newest music video, “Ghetto Baby,” off of her third studio album, A Million Lights. Let’s get real, people: This vid is simply scintillating. Watch as the singer and The X Factor judge writhes around the screen, shows off her major cleavage and gets steamy with her back-up dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway. But while fans may be panting at the end this new music morsel, not everyone is loving Cheryl’s new song, penned by 2012’s sleeper sensation Lana Del Rey.

Popdust reports that Cheryl’s dad Garry is so outraged by Cheryl’s provocative moves and sexual innuendo that he is refusing to watch the video. For her part, Chezza is so furious at her father’s dismissal that she’s threatening to paper his home with stills from “Ghetto Baby” if he doesn’t watch.

Talk about an awkward family feud!

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  • Kiki

    People are making such a huge deal of this video! Personally, I think it’s great! Yes, it’s a little risky but, come on.. It’s not as bad as people are making it. Cheryl looks great, sounds great, and has great choreo too! And for those who keep saying she killed Lana’s version— they each have different sounds. Stop comparing and just listen to the sound you prefer!

    Team Chezza!

  • Danny

    So is her dad a prude? Tell him to go watch a Britney video. He’ll get his first boner.

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    Sexy video! Love the choreography

  • Angela

    This video is like one of those Japanese commercials where you don’t know what the hell is going on.

  • Joshua D. Lieberman

    i dont’ think this video is as “controversial” (if that’ what you’d like to call it) as it is BAD. I love cheryl cole and Under the sun is a great song – what a full matured pop song should be, but even in that video she has this thing where she likes to act like a big whore – and the thing is she’s so beautiful! she needs to scrap these awful directors and get someone who will actually push her to a new limit and make something as beautiful and talented as she is!


    have people seen the stuff on the internet lately, and the music videos. THIS RIGHT HERE IS AMAZING. The choreography the time and effort put into this & the sheer fact that cheryl cole is a grown woman, she can do whatever the heck she wants. Don’t like it dont watch but you’re missing out on what real music vids should be. The video expressed the song perfectly. As for her dad, not judging cause i don’t know the situation but reagardless parents should always be proud and support their children in whatever they choose to do