Best Music 2012: Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ Voted Year’s Best Album By Idolator Readers

From Adam To Ke$ha, These Were Your Fave LPs
What was your favorite album of 2012? It’s a question we posed to Idolator readers in a two-part poll as the year began to wind down. Over 35,000 votes came in, and we’ve now rounded up the ten most popular of your choices. The top two — Adam Lambert‘s Trespassing and Marina And The Diamonds‘ Electra Heart — were separated by a mere 238 votes, indicating that it was indeed a tight race.

Head below to see the albums you all chose as the best of the year, and let us know your thoughts on how the poll shook out in the end

1. Adam Lambert, Trespassing: When all was said and done, Adam’s sophomore offering Trespassing, which arrived May 15, received 15,211 votes in our readers poll for Best Album Of 2012. Atomom noted, “No album can touch Trespassing for sheer brilliance – each track is a gem that has to be heard to be believed for how good they are,” while Lee B commented, “Adam’s lyrics on Trespassing send a message to people who have had similar experiences; it’s about accepting ourselves and others for who we are, and that everyone is entitled to have love in their lives.” Andra put it this way: “I grew up listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Queen, Aerosmith…well, you get the idea. I had not paid attention to, or bought any music from ‘current’ performers since probably the mid-eighties. Rampant lip-syncing, auto-tuning, and nasally cookie-cutter artists pretty much turned me off. Discovering Adam’s music and being able to appreciate the true genius of his vocal skill has made me open my eyes and ears and truly enjoy music again.”

2. Marina And The Diamonds, Electra Heart: Marina Diamandis’ sophomore album came in a close second to Adam Lambert’s Trespassing, after receiving 14,973 votes. Reader KA said, “It’s smart, fun, emotional, and slick. And you can still tell that it’s Marina’s voice and style shining throughout the entire album.” Michaela Rosie Henry added, “Marina’s album is probably one of the best things that has happened to me this year. Before I heard her I had given up on modern music as it is all about sex, drugs, and the dark side of life pretty much and ‘SWAG’.”

3. Christina Aguilera, Lotus: Xtina’s seventh album racked up a total of 6,317 votes in our readers poll — enough to land Lotus smack in third place. Idolator follower Miguel stated, “Lotus is by far the best album of the list…. when you put an ‘A’ class singer like Christina Aguilera to work with songwriters like Sia and great producers you end up with a GREAT product. (it may not have charted as it should’ve but that doesn’t change the fact that LOTUS is an amazing musical piece).”

4. Madonna, MDNA: Madge not only had the highest-grossing tour of 2012, she also landed in fourth place on our Best Albums Of 2012 poll. Ferooz Sabrina pointed out, “Thirty years into her career, she’s still the best. Madonna is the most talented singer and artist of all time.”

5. Lana Del Rey, Born To Die: Ms. Del Rey’s debut (as Lana) was released in January, and it kicked the year off with a bang, as well as a fair amount of controversy. While reader madmaninbedlam ultimately voted for Adam Lambert’s Trespassing in our poll, they also noted, “I love Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die album so much. She is unlike anyone else out there – a remarkable feat in an industry that seems to frown on individuality.”

6. Chris Brown, Fortune
7. One Direction, Up All Night
8. Bruno Mars, Unorthodox Jukebox
9. Taylor Swift, Red
10. Ke$ha, Warrior

Were any of these albums on your own list of favorites this year? Let us know what your top choice was below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Ponkhi

    OH ADAM just so so deserve it…..each track of dis album is surreal…i jst dont undrstnd why evrybody revolves around rihanna n beiber n taylor swift…there’s more cool n real pop funk music out here…gotta say trespassing make my year….i keep listening to it evryday but still cant get enough of it….itz an kickass album….

  • Internetos

    Mr . Adam Lambert is sensationally talented and deserves it all. GREAT ALBUM, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Dina

    It’s a great album.

  • CJ

    We need to have more of this album on the radio to be appreciated by thousands who are missing out on this mega talent!

  • PeggyNL

    Number one album and very little airplay. Doesn’t make sense.

  • Laurie Pesanski Wygonik

    I’m thrilled that enough people realized how awesome Adam Lambert’s TRESPASSING is. He probably would have sold a lot more albums if he had gone mainstream. But instead, he chose to do what he’s always done since before his American Idol days, ruffle people’s feathers.

    In fact, for 2013, I’m taking TRESPASSING lessons from Adam. Wait til you get a load of me!

  • Judy Safran

    I love Adam Lambert and his powerhouse vocals especially those notes that reach into the stratosphere. (He is also gorgeous to look at.) BUT WTF, no radio airplay. Maybe that’s why he is spending so much time touring Asia. Can you imagine the MILLIONS that viewed his performance on the Voice China?