Skrillex’s “Leaving” Says Goodbye To Brostep: Listen

Jan 3rd, 2013 // 18 Comments
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Skrillex dropped the subtle “Leaving” today (January 3), perhaps a not-so-subtle message that he’s leaving brostep behind for now. This title track to his forthcoming EP might be a shocker for those who have come to know dubstep only through the Skrillex prism of wubs and Youtube samples and hyper-squelches. However, this isn’t entirely different from his prior material. Most Skrillex songs have quieter, trance sections, and “Leaving” is all of that delicacy, with no drop.

Whether it’s an attempt to gain some credibility with EDM’s arbiters of authenticity, or he just felt like dialing down the pyrotechnics for a minute, it’s a risk. Skrillex fans may not bother with anything that doesn’t sound like robots reaching orgasm, and it may be too little too late for “true” electro fans. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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  1. elvis

    RIP Skrillex 2010 – 2011

  2. Matanga

    awful awful awful person, jumping on the FG bandwagon way after it has departed. flat, mediocre – there are so many people out there with so much more talent who need the exposure – will this guy just blow off.

  3. ozkar

    This is truly a mistake on his part and an awful attempt on atmospheric dance music. Check out my full review here

  4. It doesn’t bother me at all its really sick, maybe he just needs a break

  5. dubstep for ponies

    been listening to skrillex since his first published song…i think this might be his 3rd change of music type

  6. joe

    this is a shameless rip off of burial.

  7. everyone changes, Look at Korn, they’re even collaborating with dubstep artists now. and you kids are just complaining because you cant get your fapping bass drop orgasms, Get a freakin’ clue. I like the new style. Always will support skrillex. u are just mad because you can’t make stuff like this.

  8. Not digging it at all, but whatever makes him happy. He’s very talented. He probably just needs a break. He’s been traveling and partying like crazy. Time to work on the studio and chill with family and friends for a bit.

  9. Spencer

    this is stupid he didn’t leave brostep he makes whatever he likes and nothing he made before smns was brostep so to say he ever entered brostep is stupid. he made a couple brostep songs that’s it.

  10. Skrillex fan

    I think skrillex is still cool but I don’t want him to change

  11. Aaron Hall

    I Think this is a nice change of pace and it allows people to realize Electro/Dubstep isnt all about heavy bass drops and chopped lyrics.. i love all Skrillex songs and EP’s and im looking forward to anything he wants to do.. i think hes made a good choice because he can appeal to a wiider audiance.. thats just my take on it

  12. Christian Fatianow

    Not what I would see myself listening too but that does not mean it is bad music at all. Everyone has different tastes in music and no one can tell anyone else that their music is bad cause it is an opinion. I find it ridiculous that anyone can hate on someone else’s music. It makes no sense to me.

  13. DubOverBro

    Gee, what a shame. If people want to listen to and enjoy that Brostep/later-Dubstep stuff, that’s cool but I could never understand it’s popularity. The problem for older Dubstep fans is that the likes of Skrillex have become the marquee ‘Dubsteppers’ and most will associate him and his peers with the term ‘Dubstep’. In actuality it’s about as far removed from the reggae-inspired Dub as it is from DnB or Drumsound.
    At least personally, Skrillex isn’t fit to lick the boots of Kode9, Benga, Skream, Hatcha, Youngsta and the like.

  14. Marius Henriksen

    I dig skrillex anyhow.. If he feels like he want to make this music, let him fo god’s sake. His talent is what appeals to me and not nessecearly the tracks. Push on bro. You’ve earned A brake. Please out.

  15. bob

    Can’t believe skrillex has the nerve to copy burial. He jumped on the dubstep train late yet still got famous from it, now he’s jumping on the burial train late hoping for something. Won’t work this time though lol. He should just go off and start making original music for himself then he’ll be considered a true artist and we’ll get interesting results.

    • Sam

      Right, because Burial made “Future garage” music and no on can make music of that genre because he is the god of it. -_-’

      He never jumped on the “Burial train”. He made only one song like this because he was trying it out, like many other artist do. He nevet said he was going to make one genre. Not original? Dont make me laugh.

  16. Fat face weiner dangle

    All u skrillex haters don’t like like skrillex just because he’s mainstream

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