Nelly’s “Hey Porsche”: Listen To His New Track

Nelly switches it up with his catchy new song “Hey Porsche,” which deviates a lot from his past records, and surprisingly features more singing than rapping. While the longtime MC takes a chance with this seemingly far venture out into the pop genre, there’s no denying it follows a similar formula to his 2010 hit “Just A Dream,” which makes it all the more ready to be a radio-bred smash.

Granted, Nelly does rap a bit on on the track, but sings the chorus and mixes his rhymes with a memorable melody and straight-up pop hook. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of Flo Rida‘s “Whistle,” and is just as shamelessly addictive. If you’re a Nelly fan, this should tide you over until the release of his upcoming album M.O. sometime this year. Listen to Nelly’s new track after the jump.

Nelly — “Hey Porsche”

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  • P3P

    A song about a car? I mean, seriously? I used to hugely listen to Nelly in the past (remember Dilemma with Kelly Rowland?) but hey this is not hip-hop nor rap. One Flo-Rida in the scene is more than enough my rate. Let’s wait for M.O.

  • Power GodAllah

    @p3p…LMAO, It’s Not a song about a Car…LOL..its a song about a woman name Porsche (Its a double entendre)

  • Armani Knight

    lol about a car…..u must not pay attention or listen to the words of songs

  • foighting oidish

    Hey, P3P! Epic fail mate!!!


    You thought it was a song about a car? I mean, seriously?